Rohan Sforcina is not only an extremely competent engineer, he also has an ear for great sounds, and is a bold and inventive producer. He also has that rare knack of being able to sit back and create a supportive space to allow the artist to explore ideas. On top of all that, he’s a fine drummer with a degree in percussion. James Kenyon

Musician, jameskenyon.com

The recording process is challenging in several ways. What Rohan Sforcina does so brilliantly is to take that challenge on ambitiously. Being able to get in to the studio to use and enjoy the technology coupled with the emotive warmth evident, creates a supportive musicality of the highest order. Sweet place, I would live there. Nick AW

Musician, Chimper Kimblay

Rohan and I worked closely together at Cloud City Sound in Portland, Oregon. Rohan and I worked on many, varied records, from rock and roll to jazz and he was always a valuable part of the sessions. Rohan had a consistently professional and calm attitude that always made clients feel comfortable. Due to Rohan’s professionalism, technical ability and musicality, I would highly recommend him as a great guy to make records with. He’s got it. Justin Phelps

Engineer, Cloud City Sound / The Hallowed Halls, hallowedhalls.com

Working with Rohan has been an amazingly positive experience. He was very open to my ideas and had endless suggestions for how the songs could be orchestrated and produced. Rohan has high standards for work quality, and was persistent in finding the right sound for each track. He also has an impressive capacity for concentration. I’m super grateful to have my ideas transformed into finished products by someone so talented, encouraging and enthusiastic!

Alina Nayton

Musician, Alina Nayton